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Triangle & BiangleTriangle & Biangle



incl. Softbag LG24

This instrument showcases three high-carbon steel triangles, cast bronze finger cymbal and stainless steel beater all on one convenient set-up.
The steel alloy used for the triangles has been heat treated to yield brilliant tone.
The three sizes (10cm, 13cm and 16cm) cover a full range of uses.
An unusual design on these triangles is that the diameters are also graduated--starting with a thin 8mm growing up to a stout 12mm thick for the largest model. The finish is satin chrome. The cast bronze Finger Cymbal adds another useful tool at arms length without adding another part to your kit The included beater is a full-size (20cm) professional model made of polished stainless steel.

Mounts to a standard cymbal stand. In stock now.


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TRE03BTR Beater Set
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Beater Set

Pack of Three Stainless Steel Triangle Beaters
(Sizes in Pack 1/8" 3/16" 1/4")

Made in Nashville, Tennessee.



TRE52 Chimeholder
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Chime Mounting Bracket

This quality chime mounting bracket / clamp is designed to be used with all TreeWorks Chimes as well as other manufactures' chimes