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Let´s make musicLet´s make music

Let´s Make Music (LMM)

Who and what is “Let´s Make Music”? Due to increasing shortages in the sector of music instruction (lack of qualified staff, concepts, instruments, facilities, and the like), this association was founded in the mid-1990s with the objective of energetically counteracting this unfavourable situation. LMM focusses on the following activities:  

Schools and instruction

  • teacher training (in cooperation with the organizations of AfS, VDM, BdpM)
  • development of instructional concepts and material (in cooperation with our member publishers)

Finance and sponsoring

  • development of networks among schools and music stores
  • assistance for schools in the acquisition of instruments
  • counselling with regard to sponsoring opportunities

Commitment to education policy matters

  • initiation of, and support for, music pedagogical pilot projects
  • active participation in various task forces at federal state level aiming at the strengthening of music instruction
  • cooperation with music pedagogically oriented associations, organizations and institutions of importance

Let´s Make Music was founded in 1996 on the initiative of the VVMD - Verband der Vertriebe von Musikinstrumenten und Musikelektronik in Deutschland – e.V. (Association of Distributors of Music Instruments and Electronics in Germany). Since October 2003, the organization is a non-profit association financially and conceptually supported by presently 16 companies in the music business. Our member companies´  commitment is based on their entrepreneurial vision and the belief that the music industry shares in the responsibility with regard to musical education  and training.

Vincentino e.V. "Kids on Drums"Vincentino e.V. "Kids on Drums"

Vincentino, a non-profit association for the public welfare, was founded in the year 2008 by the German journalist and TV host Sandra Maischberger. The organization supports long-term cultural projects at schools enabling socially disadvantaged children to find access to art and culture at a sensory level. For this purpose numerous individual projects have already been launched.
Schlagwerk is one of the partners fostering a project named “kids on drums”: For music instruction at the school, the percussionist and songwriter Alfred Mehnert and his team have been signed up. In his music classes, Mehnert applies a new formula of early teaching based on rhythm, melody and movement. The children create half of their music themselves. Many songs of the steady “kids on drums” repertoire have been born out of improvisations together with the children; they are reproducible by future classes and are time and again performed with great pleasure.


UNIVERBAL is a French artistic collective whose objective is to assert the cultural eclecticism as a demonstration of the universal character of the individuals.
This philosophy has been translated since 2005 into programmes of cultural and artistic value, strenghtening the sense of community and offering publicly accessible educational projects.
The collective opens up to the use of various tools of expression such as dance, music, theater, plastic arts, and literature. It calls for collaboration among artists, technicians and social workers.
By means of its creations, UNIVERBAL monopolizes the multiple, the mixture, it melts the variety of beings to finally generate - through their unity - increasingly rich and varied forms of expression.

A major project launched by UNIVERBAL aims at endorsing music instruction at schools, which has been heavily impaired in France due to budget cuts. Apart from offering the possibility of voluntarily participating in active music classes (such as the cajon project), UNIVERBAL puts major focus on the conceptional training of music teachers.