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Martin KrendlMartin Krendl

Martin Krendl

In september 2012 Martin Krendl opened his "Voication-Vocal-Studio" in Steyr, Austria. Since April 2013 he is trained "Advanced-Vocal-Coach". His most important instrument besides his Vocals is the cajon. By the time he has developed his own playing technique to play out modern popular drum grooves authenticly. The point that makes his technique special is the clarity of each rhythm style by playing with high effectivity.

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Professional Activities

Percussionist and vocals

Why Schlagwerk?

Well-crafted and high quality products, good sound.

Favourite Instrument?


Musical Style

Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Austropop, Funk


Regner, Mitterfeld, Michaela Kovarikova

How to mic

I tryed many different setups to find my preferred. Cajon: Beta 91A, Overhead: AKG C1000, Wooden Bongos: Beta 98.

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